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Between fantasy and reality Zoran Županić, an autodidact painter from Ðakovo, Croatia, has been creating his paintings (oil on canvas) for 20 years. In this surrealistic world he attempts to fathom the real meaning of existence. Together with him we will try to find the answer to the question: “Must things always appear like the way we are used to seeing them?

Zoran Županićæ has had exhibitions in his homeland Croatia and in Canada and Holland.

We invite you to have a closer look at his work!


Zoran Županić


Zoran ŽupanićArtist and painter Zoran Županić was born in Đakovo, Croatia, on 9th January 1960. He still lives and works there. Over the years he has held exhibitions in various places including Varaždin, Osijek and Đakovo in Croatia, Lithoijen in Netherlands and in Montreal, Canada.

Within the broad context of his work it is possible to follow each phase of his development. At first he chose classical themes and an obvious approach, but as he experiments he gives his work its own character more and more. After having tried various techniques, Zoran Županić now remains true to the tecnique of oil on canvas. In his newer works he connects the real with the unreal. He has arrived at surrealism.

In his colour rhythms, mysterious colours dominate. The light in his paintings is unusually dim and almost artificial. That creates the impression that his painting is “Negative as a result of reality or that reality is negative as a result of his paintings”. With the surprising angles and colours that we do not expect in his subjects, he continues to amaze us and at the same time leave us behind, reflecting. Thus dreaming and creating a variety of worlds that are somewhere behind the uncompromising reality, he makes us ask the question: What is reality, what is fantasy and where is the border between those two worlds? One thing is certain, if those borders exist, Zoran Županić believes that the time has come to conquer and exceed those borders.

expositie sousterre artfaire
expositie sousterre artfaire
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